The reception ceremony is celebrated right after the main wedding day. This is the first public appearance of the newly wed couple after marriage. The reception is usually organized by the groom’s family and is a one of a kind grand party. The ceremony is mainly attended by friends and associates of the groom’s side. Only close members are invited from the groom’s side.
It is a festive time for both the families as they are happy on their new agreement. The reception also provides an opportunity for the bride to get to know acquaintances and associates of the groom’s family. This is when the bride finally presents herself as an important member of her new family. So receptions are held on behalf of the groom to let the world know that he has a new member and they celebrate his arrival. It is an extension of marriage ceremonies.
Great food is stocked at the reception parties to treat the guests a little more. Along with this, good music and dance events are also organized. Unlike all ceremonies, the reception does not involve any rituals. It is a light event which is basically organized to provide opportunities to those who could not attend the wedding.

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